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Patient Transportation

 Check out our transportation schedule and rules to see how we can help you on your journey to lasting recovery.

Route schedule:
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If you are interested in enrolling in the transportation program, please complete an intake form, available at the front desk or with your primary counselor. Intake forms must be turned into the transportation office.

Transportation will be available by the following day to allow for scheduling.


You must provide notification 12 hours in advance if you need to cancel your transportation on a scheduled day or if you have a change of address. Please notify your counselor or call your transportation specialist at 564-544-1963 with any cancellations or change requests

Patient Enrollment:
Cancelation and Change Notices:
Patient Rules and Expectations

1. You must arrange transportation services 24 hours in advance. 2. For consideration of all riders, you must be ready for pickup to avoid any unnecessary delay. Drivers may wait up to 2 minutes upon arrival. 3. If you need to cancel your ride, you must give 12 hours prior notice via call to Transportation (Dispatch) (564) 544-1963 4. You must remain at QWC until my appointment(s) are completed. If you leave without notifying your driver that will be considered a “missed ride”. 5. If you miss 3 ride appointments within a 30-day period, this may result in suspension of transportation services. 6. If you leave the QWC property during scheduled route time, you are not allowed on a return ride. 7. Service animals must be verified prior to entering QWC vehicles. Please call Transportation and request to speak to the Security/Transportation Manager. 8. Masks are optional while riding in any QWC vehicles. If you have a fever, cough runny nose, sore throat please wear a mask. 9. You must remain seated, with your seat belt securely fastened at all times while the vehicle is in motion. 10. You understand that you are responsible for your child(ren) while riding in QWC vehicles.

While in the Vehicle the following actions are prohibited

1. The use of chewing tobacco, smoking, or vaping. ​2. Consuming intoxicating beverages ​3. Obstructing the flow of QWC vehicles or passengers 4. Passing of any objects i.e., cigarettes, lighters, vape pens 5. Using obscene language ​6. Theft from QWC staff, facility or other patients ​7. Bringing pets, alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind 8. Active phone calls or videos without headphones Drivers are happy to answer questions.  However, for safety reasons, do not talk to the driver when the bus is in motion, unless it is necessary. If you fail to follow these rules, or any instructions from QWC drivers, you may be denied the privilege of participating in transportation services and/or placed on suspension. If you are suspended from transportation services, you will need to mee with your primary counselor before transportation services are reinstated.

Get in Touch

Please call this line regarding any Transportation questions
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